Performance is Competitive Advantage 

I help auto body and collision repair clients Improve:

  • Customer Service, Satisfaction  & Loyalty
  • Cycle Time, Length of Rental & Touch Time
  • Technician Efficiencies & Retention
  • Facility Utilization and  Capacity
  • Cost & Bottom Line Profitability
  • Competitive Advantage

"I know - I know - Sounds too--good-to-be-true - but fact  is, I have been helping auto body & collision repair business organizations improve processes and performance for over 30 years which is why I am confident I can help your organization"

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Rich Altieri

What Makes Me and My Approach Different ? 

  • Over 30-years experience helping auto body & collision repair business organizations improve performance
  • Extensive knowledge of the entire end-to-end business process and performance
  • In-depth understanding of the predictable reasons why up to 70% of all improvement efforts fail and a strategy that includes  countermeasures to change failure
  • A proven track record (across North America)
  • The ability to capture hearts and minds of the people being asked to change
  • Thorough understanding of industry performance benchmarks
  • Training, consulting and coaching - at your shop, in your offices & break rooms, working with your people, your current state process and performance, and your culture


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